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The Womb Connection offers:

 Health Coaching and Bodywork Care Packages 

to Help Women Overcome and Prevent 

Infertility and other Reproductive Health-related challenges. 



20min Discovery Session via Phone!

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    Part of the 1,2,or 4 Month Initial Intake Care Package OR a 3,6,or 10 Follow-up Care Package
    • 1hr Maya Abdominal Therapy 1 Hr Session (for FERTILITY & WOMEN'S HEALTH)
      1 hour appointment for hands-on bodywork
      ***NOTE:  If this is your first appointment please make sure you schedule your Complimentary 15 min Phone Consult beforehand so that we can discuss your medical history and current challenges.   Also, please take care not to schedule this appointment during the 5 days before or while you are on your period.
    • 75 Minute Maya Abdominal Therapy Hands-on Session and Self Care Review
      ***NOTE: Schedule this AFTER viewing your Self Care Instructional Video
      Initial Intake appointment that allows for: 
      • 1 hour of hands-on assessment & bodywork
      • 15 minutes of Self Care Review
      • Self Care instructional Video

      ***NOTE:  Please take care not to schedule this appointment during the 5 days before or while you are on your period.

    Part of the 1,2,or 4 Month Initial Intake Care Package OR a 3,6,or 10 Follow-up Care Package

    Part of the 1,2,or 4 Month Initial Intake Care Package OR a 3,6,or 10 Follow-up Care Package

    • 1Hr Access Consciousness Session
      We often feel overwhelmed by negative feelings such as guilt, shame, fear/anxiety, depression, and resentment.   These feelings feed into disease or dysfunction in the body and stem from thoughts which in turn stem from subconscious or conscious belief that either originate within us or are imposed upon us.     Access consciousness is a powerful healing approach that allows us to release these beliefs and experience a deep sense of peace, calm, and well-being.
    • WET CUPPING (Advanced Therapy)

      Wet cupping is an ancient, time-tested practice found in several parts of the world that allows for the removal of toxicity from the body.    Cups utilize negative pressure to reach 3-4 inches below the surface and pull stagnancy from the body.   Small scratches are made on the surface of the skin to allow for toxic blood to be suctioned out of the body.   This removes old, toxic blood stored in the surface capillaries of the body and stimulates the liver to produce new red blood cells.  This also allows the stagnant energy (chi) to be flow allowing the innate healing mechanisms of the body to activate.
    • HIRUDOTHERAPY (Advanced Therapy)

      • 1hr Hirudotherapy Session
        Hirudotherapy is an ancient time-tested, practice of bloodletting still currently in use around the world today that allows for the removal of stagnation and toxicity in the body.    Medicinal grade leeches are applied to the body whereby they release saliva that has 100 bioactive substances that have the following effects on the body: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-coagulant, anti-fungal, analgesic.    This therapy, while atypical for most, is very effective for help overcoming many fertility related ailments including: endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain inflammatory disorders,etc... 

    part of a 3,6, or 10 Follow-Up Session Care Package


Decatur Location (Until July 31, 2018)
1924 Clairemont Road Suite #140, Decatur, GA, 30033
Douglasville Location (Tentative Start Date: Sept 18, 2018)
3324 Cowan Mill Court, Douglasville, GA, 30135
Midtown Location (Starting August 1, 2018)
1259 Monroe Drive NE, Atlanta, GA, 30306


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